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coachHi I’m Shirley Mansfield, your Business Coach in Kent. For over 25 years’ I’ve helped all sorts of companies to make more money.  All the businesses wanted growth; whether they’re a stunning start-up, ‘stressed’ and needing a turn-around, or a ‘stuck-in-a-rut’ business that needs to get moving again, a family business transitioning to the next generation or they just want quicker growth.

Growth is always an option and I can help you make it happen. You will

  • Make more money, work less hours and have more fun
  • Build a sustainable, profitable and self supporting business
  • Reduce waste, remove duplication and plug the gaps
  • Make your business bigger, stronger & quicker 
  • Have a great reputation; with customers who buy again and again
  • Compete against the best; and win more often
  • Construct the right business partnerships and profitable customer relationships.

Doesn’t every business deserve expert coaching? I think they do. If you’re tired of just surviving, call me and start to make the change.

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